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Community-based organizations are heroes keeping our communities healthy and safe

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Workshop Wizard

Database platform for program and referral management

DPP Umbrella HUB

Join the CDC-approved Umbrella for the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). You get data aggregation, CDC-certification, healthcare payment system for claims reimbursement, and more.

Program Registry

Post your programs and services for statewide promotion

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If you are a member, this happens automatically through Workshop Wizard

Statewide Trainings and Events

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More Resources

Iowa Falls Prevention Coalition

Information and resources for falls prevention efforts

Program Resource Page

Toolkits, links, guidebooks

Disability Resources

Making EBPs more inclusive for those with disabilities

Walk With Ease - Training and Support

Training and support for organizations interested in delivering Walk With Ease in their community.

Coupling the National DPP and Walk With Ease

Leverage the WWE program to provide National DPP LCP participants with an evidence-based, structured physical activity component to help them meet their physical activity goals.

Action on Arthritis

Advancing arthritis public health with partners providing a place to share best practices and trusted resources.

HUB Navigator Role

Learn more about the HUB Navigator and how they support your program efforts

To help streamline processes, alleviate responsibilities placed on the provider, and create sustainable program practices, the HUB was identified as a valuable partner that could provide efficient and effective patient navigation and enrollment processes, administrative functions, and quality improvement.
Healthy LifeStars Program
Iowa Institute of Public Health Research and Policy