The HUB provides community-based organizations the needed administrative and capacity-building support necessary to do what you do best!

Our Purpose:

To help prevent and manage chronic disease in Iowa by ensuring individuals of all ages, abilities, and incomes are participating in community health promotion programs with an equitable opportunity to live a healthy life.

We accomplish our mission by supporting community-based organizations like you, in your implementation, expansion, and sustainability of quality programs and services.

Why Membership to the
Iowa Community HUB?

Importance of a Support System

The HUB Support System

1. Join and collaborate with other mission-aligned organizations
2. Participate in HUB health care system contracts for sustainable funding
3. Achieve benefits of scale
4. Contribute to collective impact

Partnering for Your Success

Implementing community evidence-based programs is challenging as they require sufficient capacity — the availability of resources, technology, and workforce to meet the needs of the community. Membership to the HUB can provide you the necessary capacity for optimal program delivery.


The Community HUB is a community-focused entity that supports a network of community-based organizations in their delivery of evidence-based programs and services. We take on administrative functions and operational infrastructure to leave you with more time to deliver quality programming to your community.

New Data Possibilities

The HUB supports you by sharing and coordinating data across sectors to inform policy change and direct funding that benefits the community and facilitates investment back into your work.

Membership Services

What does that include?

Database Management System

Have access to a secure database for all the data you collect on your participants including demographics, surveys, program measurements, and other health information.

Navigation Services

Administrative support so members can focus time on program delivery and making an impact. HUB Navigation services include referral management and enrollment, screening participants for health-related social needs, connection to community resources helping program retention, and assistance with post program data collection.

Billing and Claims Reimbursement

Connecting community-based organizations with a healthcare payment system. Includes help with data reporting and security. Support for contracting opportunities with health care payers.

Compliance Support

Help with data integrity and HIPAA training, understanding scope of work and meeting contractile obligations, and help with building a culture of compliance.

Referral Network

Building clinic-community linkages into your programs with healthcare systems and other referral sources.

Funding Opportunities

From collaborative grant opportunities to umbrella hub arrangements for healthcare payment to innovative blended and braided funding sources, we find ways to generate funding & funnel to CBOs.

Program Promotion

Communication systems set up with connector partners around Iowa for statewide program promotion.

Training and Resources

Access to free and discounted program trainings and professional development. State and national resources are available to improve program outcomes.

Aggregate Data

Access aggregate data from statewide program outcomes to inform program management.

Community HUB Tiered Membership


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