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Prediabetes/Diabetes Specific

NACDD National DPP Coverage Toolkit

This NACDD online toolkit was developed to provide information about the mechanics of covering the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) lifestyle change program.

CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program

The purpose of the DPRP is to recognize organizations that have demonstrated their ability to effectively deliver the evidence-based National DPP Lifestyle Change Program. The Operating Procedures document describes in detail the DPRP Standards for the National DPP LCP and explains how an organization may apply for, earn, and maintain CDC recognition.

NACDD Resources for Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes

NACDD provides resources for pre-diabetes and diabetes programming that is linked to clinical services.

Capacity Assessment for DPRP

Organizational capacity assessment for applicant organizations to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP).

Engaging Health Care Providers (HCPs) in Referrals for NDPP

This guide will help your organization engage health care providers (HCPs) in referring patients at risk for type 2 diabetes to the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) lifestyle change program. Each template is customizable to allow your organization to tailor the content

NACDD National DPP Coverage Toolkit

This NACDD online toolkit was developed to provide information about the mechanics of covering the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) lifestyle change program.

Living with Diabetes: Ask the Experts Q&A series

The American Diabetes Association series is designed to help people with diabetes tackle commonly faced issues by providing a community where individuals can ask questions of our experts and hear from others who might share similar experiences.

DSMES Toolkit

The DSMES Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for achieving success in Diabetes Self- Management Education and Support (DSMES). Expanded use of DSMES can help ensure that all people with diabetes receive the support they need.

Iowa Diabetes Statewide Strategy

Mission: Improve diabetes care and outcomes in Iowa.Vision: Improve diabetes outcomes in quality, patient safety, patient experience, and cost.

Falls Prevention and Arthritis Specific

TCA for Falls Prevention Partners Toolbox

The Partners in Care Foundation has created the Partners Toolbox with great resources and guidance to deliver the Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention.

Action On Arthritis Platform

NACDD site for resources on marketing and recruitment strategies, and quality improvement processes to maximize AAEBI awareness and availability and enrollment.

Arthritis Foundation Live Yes!

Live Yes! Connect Groups provide supportive social connections and are inclusive to parents/guardians of children or adults living with all types of arthritis and rheumatic diseases. Check out the very popular Vim app to help individuals connect with a community of friends and improve mental health.

Chronic Disease Prevention & Management

Better Choices, Better Health Workshop Resources

Check out Iowa HHS's Better Choices, Better Health workshop resources to help you deliver a successful program.

National CDSME Resource Center

Housed at NCOA's Center for Healthy Aging, the National Chronic Disease Self-Management Education (CDSME) Resource Center raises awareness about the impact of chronic conditions on older adults and supports the implementation of evidence-based health promotion programs across the nation.

5210 Healthy Choices Count

5-2-1-0 Healthy Choices Count! is a nationally recognized and evidence-based prevention framework to promote healthy habits. The 5-2-1-0 Action Guide will walk your site through the steps to implement 5-2-1-0 Healthy Choices Count!

Program Delivery Tools

NCOA Marketing and Recruitment Tools

Check out NCOAs best practice clearinghouse for professionals related to marketing and recruitment. Access various marketing strategies used by different groups around the nation.

Engage Veterans in Community-Based Health Promotion Programs

NCOA and the Veteran's Health Administration presentation - Exploring Strategies to Engage Veterans in Community-Based Health Promotion Programs

Marketing Chronic Disease Interventions to Primary Care Practices

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Arthritis Program has developed the 1-2-3 Approach to Provider Outreach to help raise awareness among primary care practices of the benefits of self-management education and physical activity interventions for chronic disease and to increase enrollment in locally available classes

Resource Guide for Remote Delivery of Evidence-based Programs

Find the most up-to-date guidance on remote program delivery to help you decide on which tool(s) you will use to reach your audience

Phone Call and Outreach Visit Scripts

The scripts for phone calls and outreach visits with primary care practices (PCPs) will help you prepare for contact with providers and their office staff.

Creating Effective Hospital Community Partnerships to Build a Culture of Health

Overcoming barriers and challenges to hospital-community partnerships is necessary to have a positive impact on the effectiveness and sustainability of a society that gives all individuals an equal opportunity to live a healthful life.

Fidelity Evaluation of Evidence-based Programs

The Administration for Community Living encourages program developers, funders, grantees, and local delivery organizations to tailor and apply the below learnings, practices, and tools in their communities.

Fidelity Monitoring Tool

Examine strategies the Administration for Community Living has been using to monitor and promote program fidelity.

Fidelity Worksheet

This Fidelity Worksheet is designed to help you identify what the program developer guidelines require for fidelity, plan how you will meet those guidelines when you first implement the program, and plan how you will monitor fidelity over time.