Clinician Resources

Clinical-community linkages help to connect health care providers, community organizations, and public health agencies so they can improve patients' access to preventive and chronic care services.

What do effective clinical-community linkages offer?


Patients get more help in changing unhealthy behaviors.


Clinicians get help in offering services to patients that they cannot provide themselves.


Community Programs get help in connecting with clients for whom their services were designed.

Referral to Evidence-Based Programs

Dr. Jennifer Groos, MD, FAAP, is a highly skilled and board-certified pediatrician in Des Moines, Iowa. Beyond her clinical practice, Dr. Groos actively engages in community and legislative advocacy on important health topics. Take a listen to what Dr. Groos has to say about the Iowa Community HUB as a critical partner in helping you connect your patients to community programs.

Improving Arthritis Care

Dr. Bery Engebretsen MD, Chief Visionary Officer at Primary Health Care, and Dr. Paul Mulhausen MD, Chief Medical Director at Iowa Total Care share information about why and how we can improve the current care of arthritis by connecting patients to Arthritis-Appropriate, Evidence-Based Interventions (AAEBIs).

Promoting Awareness Education

Patient Flyers

Print and handout program information for your patients

Facilitating Screening

Increase the number of patients being screened for evidence-based program eligibility and referred to community resources.

Enhancing Counseling

Help adults better manage their conditions and improve health outcomes.

Supporting Referrals

Building community engagement into patient care.

MDPP and Health Care Providers

Let's work together to identify prediabetes and increase referrals to the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Why Consider Evidence-Based Programs
by Dr. Marcia Ory

Dr. Marcia Ory is a Regents and Distinguished Professor at the Texas A&M School of Public Health in the Department of Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences. Check out her video to learn more about the value of Evidence-Based Programs for improved health outcomes.

What patients say about EBPs

A Matter of Balance helps me with fear of falling. The exercises motivate us to want to do more. It is beneficial to be with other Seniors and hear their ideas and worries; makes you feel like you aren’t alone. The classes include laughter and just makes you feel good.
Carmen Schumann
Lucas Public Health Department Class Participant
I was asked to participate in the Diabetes Prevention Program. I did the assessment & was glad I did. The program has taught me how to be accountable for what I put in my body and that I have to move my body to prevent Diabetes. The coaches are great, and they help you along the way if you need it. The videos are helpful also.
Elise S.
Grace Fitness Participant