Urban Poling

Using Urban Poles enhances the benefits of walking

Benefits of Urban Poling

Urban poling, also known as Nordic walking, fitness walking, or pole walking, is a low-impact, full-body workout that is even more fun to do with family and friends.

Provides a 25% increase in cardiovascular activity​

Burns 20-46% more calories

Full body workout using 90% of the body's muscles

Provides many more core strengthening benefits ​than regular walking. For every mile you walk your abdominal muscles contract ~1800 times

Makes walking more fun! You can walk faster and further with your poles

Urban Poling can be done almost anywhere…sidewalks, parks, hiking trails, and indoor tracks

Less Pain! Unloads weight and stress off of hips, knees and ankles

Feel more supported. Improves stability, balance and confidence while walking​

Promotes a more upright posture while standing and walking

The HUB Walking Club

Join the Fun!

If you are looking for a Pole Walking community, check out our HUB Walking Club on Facebook and get connected! You’ll find great information about pole walking, testimonials, research, and even learn about pole walking meet-ups, events or groups that you can join.

Partners in Iowa Promoting Pole Walking

Urban Poling with Above + Beyond Cancer

Join a trainer and friends of Above + Beyond Cancer to learn the art of Urban Pole Walking, and soak up the benefits of improved posture, increased endurance and strength, more energy, less pain, and having some laughs with new connections. Pole walking is significantly more effective than regular walking. This program is free and open to the public, and poles are provided. For more information, call 515-669-9879 or email mary@aboveandbeyondcancer.org.

AARP and Pole Walking

AARP has partnered with groups to host pole walking events around central Iowa. Their event last September was featured in Urban Poling - Canada's newsletter.

I have always been curious about why people are out on the trails walking with funny sticks. Recently, I was introduced to Pete, Instructor with Above + Beyond Cancer at the AARP event and my own pole walking journey began.  I’m only 3 classes in but am truly amazed how pole walking has eased the arthritic pain in my lower back. This ridiculous looking sport may just be what I’ve been praying for to help reduce my pain.  Anyway, I am hooked.  My goal is to master the pole walking technique and become a certified instructor.