Patient Counseling for EBPs

Support and engage patients in discussions about lifestyle changes and community resources.

We have collected awareness-raising tools and resources that can help you with patient counseling strategies.

We support our healthcare providers to screen patients regularly and have the tools to effectively refer and link patients to appropriate community-based resources and social services.

Optimizing Your EHR for Diabetes Prevention

This informational handout provides suggestions and guidance on how to use your electronic health record (EHR) and technology to improve the care you provide patients with prediabetes. Functionalities will vary depending on which EHR system (and/or version of that system) you use. You may need to share this information with others in your health care organization to determine how to best use your EHR for diabetes prevention.

AHA Diabetes Management Resources

A successful treatment plan is one that your patients will follow. This guide and flyer emphasizes developing a treatment plan with all patients with type 2 diabetes and their caregivers first to improve their chances of successfully starting and continuing guideline-directed management and therapy.

Guide to Talking about Falls Prevention with your Patients

We know that behavior change is difficult. Traditional advice and patient education doesn't always work. When talking with a patient, applying the Stages of Change model can help you match your advice about fall prevention to your patient’s stage of readiness. This can also be applied for other chronic disease prevention and management programs.

Health Literate Care Model

In order to improve health outcomes in the United States, we need patients to be more engaged in prevention, decision-making, and self-management. The Health Literate Care Model is an important tool that can help.

Supporting Patients Adversely Impacted by Health Disparities

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and health care accrediting bodies like the National Committee for Quality Assurance and the Joint Commission have amended their health care evaluation performance and quality review criteria to reflect more emphasis on addressing social determinants of health, especially those related to health equity.

Provider Fact Sheet

Managing a chronic disease can be complex and frustrating...for you and your patients. Give them the tools they need to improve their health. Recommend a self-management education or physical activity intervention and help your patients take charge.

Exercise Is Medicine: Patient Handouts for Physical Activity

Being active can prevent many health problems. Click below to access links to various handouts geared for your patients and serves different ages and health conditions. They are written in both English and Spanish.

Exercise is Medicine: Smart Phrases

SmartPhrases or EPIC dot phrases can help clinicians integrate physical activity assessment, promotion and documentation into a busy practice. Here are samples for both patient education and clinical documentation.

Exercise is Medicine: Prescribing Physical Activity

Exercise is Medicine's 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines available in a prescription format that clinicians can fill out and give to their patients.