Frequently Asked Questions

Organizations or individuals that would like support initiating, growing, or sustaining their community-based, health promotion program(s) should become a member of the HUB.

HUB benefits include:

  • Access to a database management system for collection, tracking, and reporting program outcomes.
  • Administrative support for referral management, program enrollment and retention provided through HUB Navigation services.
  • Training and program resources.
  • Compliance support for data integrity and following HIPAA rules and procedures.
  • Access to the HUB’s referral network and statewide program promotion.
  • Billing, claims reimbursement, and contracting opportunities for sustainable funding.

You can find more information about HUB membership benefits at

Your membership is 12 months from the date that you join, or renew, and pay your dues in full.

Payments are to be paid in full; exceptions can be made on an individual basis.

You may pay in full to join or reinstate your membership online.  You are notified by our system when your renewal is up, and you can make a payment through that renewal message. You may pay by phone by calling HUB Member Services at 515-635-1285 Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.

Your membership benefits are active the date your dues are paid in full as a new member, or when you renew and pay your dues in full as a continuing member.

There are three types of HUB membership:

  • HUB Basics – Free will donation
  • HUB Complete – We are waiving the fee during Pilot Phase.
  • HUB Specialty – We are waiving the fee during Pilot Phase.

You can find more information about the types of HUB membership at

The HUB sends an email 60 days in advance of each member’s renewal date and another email during the month of each member’s renewal date.

Iowa Community HUB partners with Stripe for simplified billing. You can update your information in our customer portal once you receive the link at onboarding. 

Yes, you can cancel your membership. You must provide 60 days written notice to the HUB of your intent to terminate membership.  Refunds are prorated after the 60 days have ended.  A $25 processing fee will be applied to refunds of membership dues. Email HUB Member Services at to cancel membership and request a refund.   

To reinstate your membership, email HUB Member Services at  or call 515-635-1285 Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.

If a nonprofit provides services of value as part of the membership program, your dues will not be tax deductible.  We encourage organizations to consult a tax advisor to be sure whether they qualify or not.

For general membership questions, please contact HUB Member Services at or 515-635-1285.

Membership paperwork will include signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), a data sharing agreement and a business associate subcontractor agreement.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is important because it defines the responsibilities of each party in an agreement, specifies the scope of the agreement, and clarifies terms and goals.

The HUB Data Sharing Agreement sets out the purpose of the data sharing, covers what happens to the data at each stage, sets standards and helps all the parties involved in data sharing to be clear about their roles and responsibilities. This is to ensure HIPAA guidelines are followed.

To be able to receive referrals from the HUB, CBOs must promise to protect the health information associated with the referral. Because the HUB is a business associate of the health care provider making the referral, we use data sharing agreements with CBOs as a commitment by all parties to protect and secure information.

Workshop Wizard is the software used by the HUB. The data is backed up daily and encrypted in transit using HTTPS and at rest by using AWS EBS encryption (AES-256). The data is stored in a different city than the backups; both within the United States. Amazon Web Services hosts the servers and provides physical security and firewall protection. The servers are protected by WebRoot anti-virus software. Workshop Wizard websites are built to prevent SQL injection.

As a member you have full access to your own information and your referral and participant information.  No other member can access your data. More detailed information about data access is provided within the data sharing agreement.

How else is my data accessed?

  • The HUB Administrator and HUB Director are super users of the system and can access all user’s information as needed to help members access their information, trouble shoot any issues, and provide technical assistance.
  • HUB Navigators generate participant data on behalf of members and share that data within the HUB’s secure platform to help with program management functions such as referral management, screening for SDOH, program enrollment, post program data collection and reporting, and sending provider correspondence.
  • Participant data will be shared with the participant’s referral source (i.e., doctor) or any other person that participant has requested data to be shared, when consent is given by the participant.
  • Aggregate data can be collected from total participants and referral sources within the system and used to create benchmarking data, facilitate collaborative research related to healthcare quality and contribute to state health initiatives.

Yes, there are membership requirements that are written in the MOU and discussed at the time of membership initiation.  Membership requirements depend on which membership type is selected.   

You can find resources on the “Program Provider” webpage that help organizations with their program delivery at  

You can learn more about opportunities to join HUB groups and connect with other program providers at HUB Groups.  

You can stay informed about HUB updates, news, and announcements by visiting our Blog page at