Workshop Wizard

HUB software platform that helps you best manage your programs.

What is Workshop Wizard?

Workshop Wizard is a public health resource software platform licensed by the HUB to securely track program participant data on chronic disease prevention and control efforts, make those data accessible to partners, and allows for de-identified data sharing and reporting to funders and state health partners.

Workshop Wizard is being used in 20+ other states to manage multiple statewide evidence-based program efforts.

Program Management

Enter an unlimited number of programs and classes, collect and track session data, report program outcomes, easily send secure email (HIPAA-compliant) among your staff and text/email messages to participants.

Referral Management

Referrals are received in Workshop Wizard where HUB Navigators call on referrals, track referral status through to enrollment, collect demographics and pre-survey data, create referral reports and close the feedback loop.

Reporting to National Entities

Workshop Wizard automatically uploads program data to the NCOA (National Council on Aging) on a daily basis. This data is the CDSME (Chronic Disease Self-Management Education) and WWE (Walk With Ease) data reported to the ACL (Administration for Community Living).

Workshop Wizard also automatically sends falls program data monthly to Sound Generations who manages the falls data for the NCOA, also for reporting to the ACL.

Workshop Wizard allows organizations to run reports for submission to the DPRP (Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program) for CDC recognition.

Referral Correspondence

Automated referral letters are sent out once a referral is received by the HUB, when a participant starts a program, and when a participant completes a program.  Progress notes are sent out depending on program duration.  

Referral sources are also notified if a referral has not enrolled in a program.  

Depending on a BAA status with referral partners, program outcomes can be shared in standard and customized ways.

Marketing Your Program

Post new classes and programs in the system and they will automatically post to the HUB website and program organization website. 

Information also gets sent automatically to partner organizations to promote programs statewide.


Workshop Wizard lets you collect pre and post survey data by having your participants enter the data directly into our platform.  If a participant is not able to do so, HUB Navigators provide assistance over the phone.

National evidence-based program participant questionnaires are automatically updated as changes happen at the national level.

Workshop Wizard Users

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