National DPP LCP + Walk With Ease Coupling

National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD), the Arthritis Foundation, ProVention Health Foundation, and the Diabetes Training and Technical Assistance Center at Emory are partnering to couple two evidence-based interventions through an innovative technology solution.

This project integrates the Arthritis Foundation’s Walk With Ease (WWE) self-directed program, which focuses on decreasing pain and increasing physical function, with the National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Change Program (National DPP).

The coupling project leverages the WWE program to provide National DPP participants with an evidence-based, structured physical activity component to help them meet their physical activity goals, as well as other health goals related to the program. 

Coupling Webinar

This webinar introduces you to the National DPP + WWE coupling guide.  

The coupling guide will help lifestyle coaches and the project team work together to document impact.

Coupling Support Options

This is a handout explaining the HUB support provided to partner organizations to help with their coupling efforts.

National Coupling Guide

To receive a link to the coupling guide with tools, resources, and additional information about the National DPP + WWE coupling, click on button below to access the FORM.

Project Handout

This handout presents general information about the project. An initial pilot of the project is occurring in two states: Iowa and Kansas.

Coupling Flyer

This flyer is for Iowa DPP Lifestyle Coaches or organizations looking to get started coupling the programs. 

HALT Project Handout

This project integrates the WWE into ProVention’s Health and Lifestyle Training (HALT) platform, a web- and app-based tool that local coaches utilize to offer the National DPP online.